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Happy St. Valentines Day! My favorite holiday! The hopeless romantic that I am… I am still waiting to hear back from “America’s Got Talent” They extended the Denver announcements until March, and it is driving me bonkers waiting to hear if I made the call back list! But if I didn’t there is always next year. I sent in my Contract proposal for the Siouxland Renaissance Festival, and I guess they are asking the customers to write in as well if you have a favorite act you would like to see there. And to do it before 2/14/2011… I know that is next week, so if you would like to see me back there, I sure could use your letters! http://www.siouxlandrenfest.com And good news if you have been waiting for a long time for me to record a 3rd album! I am finally going to do it come hell or high water this coming summer! With the help of a lot of friends and family! I have a feeling it will be my best yet! I will be starting on this project after the 4th of July, so if you really want to help me out, start booking me for House Concerts, Fairs, private and corporate parties now to help me make it happen! Take care, Susan Kay Burke
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