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What a lovely Summer!

It is good to be at home... We spent a month on the road and it was fun working the shows in WI and SD, and seeing friends and family again... Playing with a band called the "Serf!", what a great bunch of very talented fellas... I made them all "Bawd Boys", when they backed me up on June 18th when we performed for the Shakopee JC's fund raiser benefiting Habitat for Humanity... I am hoping they will do me the honors again when I get around to recording my next album... Michael and I adopted an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel named Molly... She and Abbey get along great! And she is very sweet... On the sad side... The price of gas put a damper on quite a few things so far this year... Such as... visiting my brother Pete and his family, lots of friends in MN, the funeral of a wonderful woman, and grandma of many... who lived to be 100 and 1/2... Known as "Baba"... She was a very kind and wise, and will be forever missed by all that have the good fortune to have spent time with her... My fondest momories with her were in 1987 when the choir I was singing with traveled to Hawaii to perform all over the Island of Oahu, She helped make all of our dresses, and traveled with was... that was great fun! Heaven has a new Angel... We had to cancel our trip up to Aspen, Colorado to spend 4 days over the 4th of July cleaning up John Denver's Windstar Foundations headquarters... I was to lead the Girl Scouts with the music... What a bummer! But, I will be helping the Foundation in Aug. and November... (More on that later...) It is sad to say but if things don't get better at the pump, I may have to rethink traveling to Renaissance Festivals unless they have a Large budget! Because I am sure I will not be the only performer raising their rates to meet the cost of living... I don't believe in being a starving artist... It's hard enough as it is! So... I guess the next thing will be to come up with a way to perform online! Anyone got any ideas on how to do this, please contact me ASAP! I have made, and am making a few things for sale... One of which is cloth bags with "Mistress Bawd's" logo on them, a few have sold already... I ran out, and am making more... And tea cozy & coffee cozies, Place mats, Table cloths... and I am going to attempt making some Dragons for you Rennies and Parrots for you Pirates at heart! Huzzahs! and Argh! Please send me a note if you want to place an order... I will upload pictures of thing I make soon. And if you have not done so already... Please sign on my mailing list so I can let you know if I am in your neck of the woods, and if you wish... sign my guest book, I love reading your entry's... But to those that wish to use it for anything other than what it is intended... You will be deleted!!!! Have a fun and safe summer! Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd
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