Mistress Bawd "Interactive Musical Comedy"

Riverssance came and went...

I had a blast this year in Sioux City, IA performing as Mistress Bawd at "Riverssance". The weather was a bit cool, but at least it was not raining! And the sun shined on all of us at the show on Sunday... The highlights of the show this year for me were.... The spontaneous Improve created by cast members. The Mud Man dancing to my music, in the mud outside of the pub I was performing in, and causing me to giggle while I sang. Singing and playing with Vagabond, Shenanigans and the Scaly-wags... and countless others... The fun crowd that came to play with all of us... The Birds of prey, miniature horse, and the lamas... I am a big kid when I am around furry critters I just want to hug them all! Okay, I didn't hug the birds, but I got to hold one on my arm. Or the lamas, although one of them gave me a kiss right on the face! But I did hug the miniature horse! I want one or six of my own so.... bad... We sold out on the Smoker before the show opened on Saturday, so we added another one on Sunday, and it was packed again, and very fun! I didn't even mind that I didn't get on the road until dark... I pleases me to please others.. I take my hat off to Phil Claeys, and his staff for putting on a great show once again! Cheers! Susan Kay Burke
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