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Oct. Update!

The month started with Sioux City Iowa, "Riverssance" Festival... On the 6th and 7th... What a blast that was! On Saturday the place was packed! And everyone was having a great time with one last day of good weather before it got very cold on Sunday, but I was surpised there were still a lot of people coming in the gates all day! And all weekend the pub was jumping! Thanks to all that joined to sing with me! And a special thanks to those that helped me with my tip baskets and CD sales... Well the rain caught up with us at the end of the day and it made for scary driving on our way home to Cheyenne... But, Michael weathered the storm... We then unpacked and packed again and we headed off to Aspen Colorado to attend concerts and visit the Windstar Foundation, in honer of the late John Denver... If anyone knows me they know how much of a positive influence John's spirit and his music has been in my life, and in my music... since I was 13... I was in heaven meeting other fans of his from around the world, and folks that carry on Johns work at the Windstar Foundation... I had a prayer answered when I got the opportunity to sing at the last minute of the day at Windstar, being accompanied on percussion by a fellow named John Darling, Thanks John! And to talk with John Denver's Brother, Ron, afterward... He is a very nice person and let me share my story with him, and cry on his shoulder, of the loss I feel, and many people feel, with John Denver passing. 10 years October 12.... God rest his soul... A couple of months ago Michael and I joined John Denver's Windstar, with a family membership and I can't wait to get more involved... You can visit their Web Page and join too! It isn't too late to do our part to save Mother Earth! Just go to my links and look for John Denvers Windstar! TTFN Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd
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