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My Favorite Cookie for the Holiday Season and all year long!

This recipe has been passed down through my moms family, I found it on the web and am passing it on... Although there are lots of different variations, I like this one the best as it is the closest to what my mother makes... I like to substitute other types of fruit as well to spice it up... Also, I add other spices like Cloves and Cinnamon or Allspice Merry Christmas Everyone! PICEARY MAEN - WELSH CAKES Printed from COOKS.COM 7 c. sifted flour 3 scant c. sugar (granulated) 3 eggs, beaten 2 tsp. salt 3 tsp. nutmeg 6 tsp. baking powder 1 lb. shortening - can be 1/2 lb. lard, 1/4 lb. butter and 1/4 lb. butter - or all butter 1 lb. currants (10 oz box is ok) 3/4 c. milk Combine flour, sugar, salt, nutmeg and baking powder. Cut in shortening as for pie dough. Add currants and mix. Add beaten eggs and milk and mix thoroughly. Roll to 1/8 inch and cut out with small round cookie cutter. Fry on preheated electric griddle (325 or 350 degrees) on each side. (Do not grease griddle.) This makes a large batch - about 16 dozen - so if you wish you can cut the recipe in half, but they keep good.
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