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GREAT FUN at the Atlas Theater In Cheyenne, Wyoming!

WOW! What a great time I am having being one of the Olio’s for the Cheyenne Melodrama! (Helping out entertaining during intermission) Six days down and four more to go… if the rest of the performances are like last nights… I will have a hernia from laughing too hard! I really wish everyone could see it! We have been performing two shows a night mostly, and the crowds keep filling the theater, and they are wonderful! They play along, sing, cheer, and have a great time!!! I am so honored to be working with so many very talented people that make this show float like silk…. And we are having so much fun! I have had so many fantastic helpers that come from the audience, bartenders, and cast while I sing, I laugh my head off so much it is hard to keep singing! The “Card Girls” and the “Can Can Girls” help me out the most… Thanks gals!!! I won’t give it up just who in the cast tipped me off to the Sheriff of Cheyenne, and a Retired Army General & the President Elect of a very important organization here in Cheyenne were sitting in the audience! But, Boy I am happy they did! Those guys were great sports helping me out on the song “What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?” Complete with good singing voices, a dance, and a wiggle of the bum! OK, so I had to prompt them on that one…. But the crowd went WILD!!!!! THEIR CHEERS WERE DEAFENING!!! (And Michael Burke got it all on tape!) I loved it! (The sheriff was my Captain and the General my sailor…) The Sheriff did say with a smile before he left the stage “he will hunt me down” for getting him up on the stage, and the General gave me a swat on the bum with my tambourine! And after the show their wives gave me great big hugs, and thanked me… And the second show again! The men I picked out of the audience were great fun! One told a funny pirate joke as I was trying to tie on the scarf to make him look the part…(He really got into the part as well, and was great!) And the other fellow he tried to shake the tambourine in tempo but I could see he was having a bit of a time, so, mid song, I switched the characters and made him the Captain, and the fellow with the funny joke, the sailor. It was a good switch because as the Captain, he got into the part as well… And again, the crowd went crazy!!! I love this town!!!!
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