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America's Got Talent Auditions

Well, the day came and went! And man was it a long... day! Starting with only being able to sleep about 2 hours, and then having to get up at 3:30 AM, drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado by 7:30 AM, to get a good spot in line. After finding the Sheraton Hotel, making my way threw the maze a parking garage, finally finding a parking spot. I had parked the car, rigged my guitar on my back, cooler in hand, and my purse on my shoulder. Was directed threw the hotel and out the door and around the building. I couldn't believe it! the line was already really long! Oh well... I got in, and began my 8 hour wait for my 90 seconds to perform for a chance, to appear on the 2011 "America's Got Talent"! The 8 hours of waiting I tell you were worth the experience in its self! I met a lot of fascinating, very talented people! I also ran into people I haven’t seen in 9 or ten years that I have worked with in AZ and CO! And even a gal that I recognized from one of my shows in MN! There were more guitars there then I could count! I only saw one other 12 sting though... Oh! I met a fellow my age that high dives into a kiddy pool! He is crazy! I was so.... tired by the time i got my turn, and of course, even though I had tuned my 12 string. When I took it off my back and took out of the case, it was out of tune. UGH! So, in my sleepiness, I just used humor as I tuned. It made me more nerves, so I sang my song in 90 seconds for sure! LOL! I will not know until January if I make the call back list. To all of you that have been cheering me on, and praying for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now! The next thing on my mind… I need to get booking concerts! House Concerts, (In your home) Contact me to make arrangements. Corporate events, Collage campuses, Military Bases, State Fairs and so on. If you book for these in your area, contact me. Finally; Soon I will be adding my Art, linked to this page.
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