Mistress Bawd "Interactive Musical Comedy"

Opening weekend at the ARF


Opening weekend was wonderful! 

Mistress Bawd is on the Monk's Park Stage at 11:30 am to start your day, with music to Muse!

Then again at 2:30 & 4:30 pm on the Dancing Pig Pub Stage with her LC, Musical Comedy Show. 

An long time Bawd Boy stopped in to sing, and say hello on Saturday, February 10th, from the north country. It was sure nice to see you again Parker W. 

This coming weekend is presidents weekend already! That means a 3 day weekend for you to come out to the Renaissance Festival and take in all it has to offer, on 30 acres of fun, and 30 years of art's and entertainment for everyone to take in.






Joining other talanted musicains from around the world!

Sioux Falls House Concert with Mistress Bawd

I as the Balladeer Mistress Bawd have been away from the Sioux Falls area for a few years now but, I am happy to announce that thanks to the hard work of my Hostesses, Melissa & Tiffany! will be in town for one night, and one night only! October 8th 6:30pm. Mistress Bawd will be performing a house concert of Renaissance favorites and more!

Have you ever wanted a private concert by one of your favorite artists? Join us for this amazing evening of music, laughter and bawdiness! Snacks provided, byob!
Tickets are $10 at the door - please RSVP here or to melissa.suttonsd@gmail.com
Location: Tiffany's home
Time: ‎6:30PM Saturday, October 8th

Aug. 27, 2011 All day!

Mistress Bawd will be the "Honored Guest" of the "Wind Rose Mill," - Booth #120 - For One Day Only!!! This event will take place at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, this Saturday (August 27th)!!! Be sure to come by, because this will be your only chance to visit, for quite awhile! She misses you all, VERY much, and can't wait to see you! Huzzah!!!!!

What's new?

Happy St. Valentines Day! My favorite holiday! The hopeless romantic that I am… I am still waiting to hear back from “America’s Got Talent” They extended the Denver announcements until March, and it is driving me bonkers waiting to hear if I made the call back list! But if I didn’t there is always next year. I sent in my Contract proposal for the Siouxland Renaissance Festival, and I guess they are asking the customers to write in as well if you have a favorite act you would like to see there. And to do it before 2/14/2011… I know that is next week, so if you would like to see me back there, I sure could use your letters! http://www.siouxlandrenfest.com And good news if you have been waiting for a long time for me to record a 3rd album! I am finally going to do it come hell or high water this coming summer! With the help of a lot of friends and family! I have a feeling it will be my best yet! I will be starting on this project after the 4th of July, so if you really want to help me out, start booking me for House Concerts, Fairs, private and corporate parties now to help me make it happen! Take care, Susan Kay Burke

America's Got Talent Auditions

Well, the day came and went! And man was it a long... day! Starting with only being able to sleep about 2 hours, and then having to get up at 3:30 AM, drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado by 7:30 AM, to get a good spot in line. After finding the Sheraton Hotel, making my way threw the maze a parking garage, finally finding a parking spot. I had parked the car, rigged my guitar on my back, cooler in hand, and my purse on my shoulder. Was directed threw the hotel and out the door and around the building. I couldn't believe it! the line was already really long! Oh well... I got in, and began my 8 hour wait for my 90 seconds to perform for a chance, to appear on the 2011 "America's Got Talent"! The 8 hours of waiting I tell you were worth the experience in its self! I met a lot of fascinating, very talented people! I also ran into people I haven’t seen in 9 or ten years that I have worked with in AZ and CO! And even a gal that I recognized from one of my shows in MN! There were more guitars there then I could count! I only saw one other 12 sting though... Oh! I met a fellow my age that high dives into a kiddy pool! He is crazy! I was so.... tired by the time i got my turn, and of course, even though I had tuned my 12 string. When I took it off my back and took out of the case, it was out of tune. UGH! So, in my sleepiness, I just used humor as I tuned. It made me more nerves, so I sang my song in 90 seconds for sure! LOL! I will not know until January if I make the call back list. To all of you that have been cheering me on, and praying for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now! The next thing on my mind… I need to get booking concerts! House Concerts, (In your home) Contact me to make arrangements. Corporate events, Collage campuses, Military Bases, State Fairs and so on. If you book for these in your area, contact me. Finally; Soon I will be adding my Art, linked to this page.

America's Got Talent 2011

I made up my mind folks... I am turning 50 in November, so what a better way to start the next chapter of my life! I will be auditioning October 9th or 10th down in Denver for the 2011 season of America's Got Talent. In the 80's I always wanted to audition for "Star Search" But, I was too chicken. And ever since "America's Got Talent" started, again... I have been too chicken. Well. Come hell or high water, I am going to face my fears and just do it. So..... I sure could use all my devoted listeners now more then ever! I need your prayers for courage and strength! If this is meant to be... and I pass the first round, I then would have until around next April for the 2nd round. I will not be competing as Mistress Bawd, I decided to show Susan Kay instead. I really don't even know where it will lead! So... I will start with singing the songs that make me the happiest. The second bit making it hard is I will only have 90 seconds to sing the song! Ugh! So, start panting your signs, making those banners, and charge up your cheers! And thank you in advance! OXOXOXO Susan

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Wow! Another year has come and is almost gone again! Where does the time go? I want to say a special thank you to all my listeners out there for all the emails, and entry's here on the web site! As well as on "Facebook" You keep me inspired and You are truly the wind beneath my wings! Especially these days while gigs are hard to get, do to the economy... I am also very grateful for CD Baby, and Host Baby for making it possible for myself, as well as, other independent recording artist to sell our music via the web. Seeing as we sell most of our recorded works face to face with our listeners... We thankfully can keep our music available to all of you! I still hope to record a third album this coming year, we will see... I have been racking my brain about this for way too long now, as I want it to be a new and exciting experience for me as well as appealing to you the listener! I had a wonderful Christmas, and am looking forward to New Years Eve! I love to dance! As well as sing in the new year. Sober of course! So, I raise my cup of tea to you all! Just close your eyes and you imagine us singing together...Auld Lang Syne "Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne? For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne, We'll tak a cup of kindness yet, For auld lang syne! And there's a hand my trusty fiere, And gie's a hand o thine, And we'll tak a right guid-willie waught, For auld lang syne For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne, We'll tak a cup of kindness yet, For auld lang syne"! Happy New Year everyone! And may God bless us all! Susan Kay Burke AKA Mistress Bawd

Riverssance came and went...

I had a blast this year in Sioux City, IA performing as Mistress Bawd at "Riverssance". The weather was a bit cool, but at least it was not raining! And the sun shined on all of us at the show on Sunday... The highlights of the show this year for me were.... The spontaneous Improve created by cast members. The Mud Man dancing to my music, in the mud outside of the pub I was performing in, and causing me to giggle while I sang. Singing and playing with Vagabond, Shenanigans and the Scaly-wags... and countless others... The fun crowd that came to play with all of us... The Birds of prey, miniature horse, and the lamas... I am a big kid when I am around furry critters I just want to hug them all! Okay, I didn't hug the birds, but I got to hold one on my arm. Or the lamas, although one of them gave me a kiss right on the face! But I did hug the miniature horse! I want one or six of my own so.... bad... We sold out on the Smoker before the show opened on Saturday, so we added another one on Sunday, and it was packed again, and very fun! I didn't even mind that I didn't get on the road until dark... I pleases me to please others.. I take my hat off to Phil Claeys, and his staff for putting on a great show once again! Cheers! Susan Kay Burke


Last weekend, Michael and I went up to Snowmass, Colorado to help with "EARTHcamp" Held at John Denver's Windstar. We had a blast and hope to be a part of it again next year... We reconnected, and met, SO many talented people! Kermit the frog helped out as well! I can't wait to see the video of the Children signing, and singing, to John Denver's song "I Want To Live" this Oct. up in Aspen! We all sure had fun making it! Two things that happened that were really cool... I met this gal named Mel who also plays a 12 string, sings, composes music, and we sound great together, and are a lot a like! And the second, a hawk kept flying over head every time Mel and I were singing! It truly was a very spiritual weekend! Susan Kay Burke


Wow, now that was a new experience for me! As it was for many others... Thank you to all of you that tuned in last night! And even a grander thank you, to those of you that sent me a donation! Being it was a free concert and all, every tip helps!

Regarding tonight's "House Concert", "One Night Stand with Mistress Bawd Because One Night is all you can handle!"

Regarding tonight, I just got off the phone with Melissa Sutton, the hostess of the "House Concert" And In the spirit of our national holiday this weekend, I asked her to drop the price on the admission tonight from $15.00, to the same as if you had purchased the ticket in advance, $12.00... See you there!

Regarding the July 7th, On line "Live Concert" from Studio Zero Seven llc!

It will be easy to attend this concert!!! It's streaming live over the internet, just type in this address and your there! http://live.nususa.com This will be a whole new experience I am very excited to see how it will turn out! It is a free Concert, but if you desire, I am accepting donations! There is a donation box set up in my "Buy" Box, or you can donate right on the sight of the concert... Susan Kay Burke AKA Mistress Bawd

Tough Times, with unexpected turns....

It is amazing how I am still surprised when one door closes, another one always opens! I have been feeling blue over the loss of performing at two shows I love. WODEN THOR MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL AND JOUST Viroqua WI, and Siouxland Renaissance in Sioux Falls, SD. I hope to be back at both "God Willing" next year! But, because I will be home here in Cheyenne instead, I will be singing this coming Thursday afternoon for the first time for the "Girls Night Out! at the Deselms Fine Art & Custom Framing, 303 E. 17th Street in beautiful Downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming! Starting around 4:00 PM... Then on July 2nd, One Night Stand with Mistress Bawd Because One Night is all you can handle! Melissa Sutton, will host a "House Concert" Thursday, July 2, 2009 7:00pm - 10:00pm in the Donegal Point Community Room 5109 S Rolling Green Dr Sioux Falls, SD It is not too late to get your tickets! Phone: 6053108623 Email: mrs_abrnthy@sio.midco.net I will be performing my favorite songs from my “Mistress Bawd Musical comedy act as well as my favorite collection of folk, pop country and rock music as well as some of my originals to boot!… It will defiantly be an evening to remember! Space is limited, so get your tickets ASAP! Tickets are: $12 in advance $15 at the door - seating is limited to 50 people - so do not wait to get your tickets! Mistress Bawd CD’s, as well as some of my original art will be for sale during intermission, and after the show… This show is rated “Loose Cannon”

Regarding "Earth Day" at the Red Rocks in Colorado!

It is sad news to have to tell you this... But! Due to a winter storm here in Wyoming, and Colorado, we have had to cancel our "Earth Day" celebrations to be held tomorrow April 18th, 2009 at the Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado... We will be there next year again though, weather permitting! It is funny how the weather can change from year to year... Last year, we had a heat wave for the event! I even had a sun burn!

Mistress Bawds other talents!

In my photos, I have added some of the art pieces I have been making when I am not busy singing! they are my "Flower Fairies" If you would like to purchase one just let me know! I can make them with a magnet on the back or a pin... mistressbawd@mistressbawd.com TTFN Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd

My Guest Book

Do to spammers and robot spammers, I decided to turn off my "Guest Book" here on my web site... If you need to contact me, please email me at mistressbawd@mistressbawd.com Thank you! Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope, and pray this new year brings us all prosperity, joy, and happiness! Susan

To all my devoted fans, and friends, and to all I have yet to meet...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I hope Santa brings you all the things you hope for this year! And may good health, and happiness be yours in 2009... Where ever you are! Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd

To all my devoted fans and friends, and to all I havent met...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I hope Santa brings you all the things you hope for this year! And may good health, and happiness be yours in 2009... Where ever you are! Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd

11-29-08 Letter Day! In Georgetown, Colorado!

Come and join the town of Georgetown, Colorado, Members of John Denver's Windstar Foundation, and members of the Colorado Connection in celebrating "Letter day" Sat. 11-29-08! There will be live music, we will be singing our favorite John Denver songs, and Christmas Carols... As well as the showing "The Christmas Gift" at the Community Center. (The Movie that stared the late John Denver, that was filmed in Georgetown...) As well as a lot more activities for the whole family! Everything starts around 10AM... until around 3PM See you there! Susan

Come share the fun with Mistress Bawd!

Come share the fun with Mistress Bawd! This will be Mistress Bawd's second year performing at the Riverssance Renaissance Festival! Being held at: Riverside Park, Sioux City, Iowa Saturday, October 4th, 2008 Hours: 10AM - Dusk Mistress Bawd will be performing her last show of the day at the pub for 1/2 hour, following the fireworks! The pub will remain open until 10 PM Sunday, October 5th, 2008 Hours: 10 - 4 Admission Adults: $9 Juniors 7-16: $3 Children 6 & Under: – FREE Advance Ticket Sales: $6.00 at area Hy-Vee Stores, until September 30th Tickets for the Tea & Smoker: $15.00 each Extra fun! Riverssance is having an animal parade this year! Fireworks at dusk on Saturday! Entertainment The Royal Griffin Riverssance Characters The Peasants of New Ulm Riders Of The Golden Age Jousters Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey The Scallywags Pirate Comedy Show Vagabond & Shenanigans Mistress Bawd Sir William & Blackjack Children¹s Storytelling Mistress Melissa Sutton Kingdom of Riverheim Kingdom of D’Enes Royal Army of Comstocke Chivalry for Children Jade Tiger DoJo Kid¹s Joust by Rainbow Co. Puppeteers & Face painters Glastonbury Revelers Concerio Agnorium Sioux City Bagpipes Cad E Sin Royal Hounds Dessert Angels Belly Dance Troupe Wayne State College Madrigal Singers Danza Mystique Dancers WITCC Singers House Of Sydney Castle Wall Productions Mario Manzini Sir Robert the Deceiver Community Theatre Kids Shakespeare Sioux City Bagpipers Mirage á Trois Other Events One Should Not Missed! Royal Smoker (additional ticket purchase necessary) Queen’s Tea (additional ticket purchase necessary) Children’s Knighting & Dame Ceremony House Of Sydney Lifestyles & Etiquette Iowa Tudor Guard Weapons Presentation Kingdom of Riverssance Sword & Weapon Presentation Children’s Great Faerie Hunt Royal Parade

It is a very sad day for many...

Yesterday, America lost one of the funniest, nice, sweet, talented, handsome, men I have ever had the privilege to know and call friend... Joe Kudla, was one half one the comedy duo "Puke and Snot" I first met Joe, and his Partner Mark Sieve 28 years ago, when I joined the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. In addition, became friends with Joe, at the Texas Renaissance Festival that same year. After taking a break from Renaissance festivals in 1986, I reunited with him when I returned to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in 1997 and worked with him in 1999 & 2000 at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Whenever I ran into Joe, He always had a great big smile, and if not too busy, (as he was very popular) a great big hug... I learned a lot from Joe, and his partner Mark in the art of improvisational theater over the years... The time I spent with him, I will always cherish... He gave me courage to try new things, and believe in myself... The last time I saw him was a year ago at the Colorado Renaissance when Michael and I went to visit old friends there. I have a picture here on my web page of the day... This year, money was tight, so we passed on visiting again, it was my call, I regret making that decision now... I will miss him very, very much... He was truly an Angel! Susan Kay

What a lovely Summer!

It is good to be at home... We spent a month on the road and it was fun working the shows in WI and SD, and seeing friends and family again... Playing with a band called the "Serf!", what a great bunch of very talented fellas... I made them all "Bawd Boys", when they backed me up on June 18th when we performed for the Shakopee JC's fund raiser benefiting Habitat for Humanity... I am hoping they will do me the honors again when I get around to recording my next album... Michael and I adopted an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel named Molly... She and Abbey get along great! And she is very sweet... On the sad side... The price of gas put a damper on quite a few things so far this year... Such as... visiting my brother Pete and his family, lots of friends in MN, the funeral of a wonderful woman, and grandma of many... who lived to be 100 and 1/2... Known as "Baba"... She was a very kind and wise, and will be forever missed by all that have the good fortune to have spent time with her... My fondest momories with her were in 1987 when the choir I was singing with traveled to Hawaii to perform all over the Island of Oahu, She helped make all of our dresses, and traveled with was... that was great fun! Heaven has a new Angel... We had to cancel our trip up to Aspen, Colorado to spend 4 days over the 4th of July cleaning up John Denver's Windstar Foundations headquarters... I was to lead the Girl Scouts with the music... What a bummer! But, I will be helping the Foundation in Aug. and November... (More on that later...) It is sad to say but if things don't get better at the pump, I may have to rethink traveling to Renaissance Festivals unless they have a Large budget! Because I am sure I will not be the only performer raising their rates to meet the cost of living... I don't believe in being a starving artist... It's hard enough as it is! So... I guess the next thing will be to come up with a way to perform online! Anyone got any ideas on how to do this, please contact me ASAP! I have made, and am making a few things for sale... One of which is cloth bags with "Mistress Bawd's" logo on them, a few have sold already... I ran out, and am making more... And tea cozy & coffee cozies, Place mats, Table cloths... and I am going to attempt making some Dragons for you Rennies and Parrots for you Pirates at heart! Huzzahs! and Argh! Please send me a note if you want to place an order... I will upload pictures of thing I make soon. And if you have not done so already... Please sign on my mailing list so I can let you know if I am in your neck of the woods, and if you wish... sign my guest book, I love reading your entry's... But to those that wish to use it for anything other than what it is intended... You will be deleted!!!! Have a fun and safe summer! Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd

Concert! June 18th

Please join Mistress Bawd and the Shakopee Jaycees at Merlin's Rest at 3601 E. Lake St., Minneapolis for a concert to benefit Habitat for Humanity on June 18th at 7:30 p.m. $5 cover. email poetsgrandaughter@yahoo.com if you have questions.

What's new with the Bawd?

It's Official! I will be once again be singing at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this June 2008! So mark it on your calendar's.. June 7 & 8, Singing with Mistress Bawd, in SD Also, Tea anyone??? I am taking orders for tea/coffee pot, and cup cozies... I will make them to fit your favorite tea/coffee pot, and cups... these cozies are insulated to keep them hot for a long time... Each one is hand made by myself, and unique! I just need to know your taste of color's, design, and the size, hight and width of the tea/coffee pot, and cup cozies you want to put an order in for... I will be uploading pictures on my website soon to show you what some of the ones I have made look like... TTFN Mistress Bawd

So far for 08... Where we can sing together again....

April 19- Denver, Colorado Memorial Day weekend - Wisconsin And hopefully ... June 7 & 8 - South Dakota then the rest of June and all of July at another show I am waiting back to hear from... I will give you a hint though... John Denver is my favorite artist... TTFN! Mistress Bawd

My Favorite Cookie for the Holiday Season and all year long!

This recipe has been passed down through my moms family, I found it on the web and am passing it on... Although there are lots of different variations, I like this one the best as it is the closest to what my mother makes... I like to substitute other types of fruit as well to spice it up... Also, I add other spices like Cloves and Cinnamon or Allspice Merry Christmas Everyone! PICEARY MAEN - WELSH CAKES Printed from COOKS.COM 7 c. sifted flour 3 scant c. sugar (granulated) 3 eggs, beaten 2 tsp. salt 3 tsp. nutmeg 6 tsp. baking powder 1 lb. shortening - can be 1/2 lb. lard, 1/4 lb. butter and 1/4 lb. butter - or all butter 1 lb. currants (10 oz box is ok) 3/4 c. milk Combine flour, sugar, salt, nutmeg and baking powder. Cut in shortening as for pie dough. Add currants and mix. Add beaten eggs and milk and mix thoroughly. Roll to 1/8 inch and cut out with small round cookie cutter. Fry on preheated electric griddle (325 or 350 degrees) on each side. (Do not grease griddle.) This makes a large batch - about 16 dozen - so if you wish you can cut the recipe in half, but they keep good.

Oct. Update!

The month started with Sioux City Iowa, "Riverssance" Festival... On the 6th and 7th... What a blast that was! On Saturday the place was packed! And everyone was having a great time with one last day of good weather before it got very cold on Sunday, but I was surpised there were still a lot of people coming in the gates all day! And all weekend the pub was jumping! Thanks to all that joined to sing with me! And a special thanks to those that helped me with my tip baskets and CD sales... Well the rain caught up with us at the end of the day and it made for scary driving on our way home to Cheyenne... But, Michael weathered the storm... We then unpacked and packed again and we headed off to Aspen Colorado to attend concerts and visit the Windstar Foundation, in honer of the late John Denver... If anyone knows me they know how much of a positive influence John's spirit and his music has been in my life, and in my music... since I was 13... I was in heaven meeting other fans of his from around the world, and folks that carry on Johns work at the Windstar Foundation... I had a prayer answered when I got the opportunity to sing at the last minute of the day at Windstar, being accompanied on percussion by a fellow named John Darling, Thanks John! And to talk with John Denver's Brother, Ron, afterward... He is a very nice person and let me share my story with him, and cry on his shoulder, of the loss I feel, and many people feel, with John Denver passing. 10 years October 12.... God rest his soul... A couple of months ago Michael and I joined John Denver's Windstar, with a family membership and I can't wait to get more involved... You can visit their Web Page and join too! It isn't too late to do our part to save Mother Earth! Just go to my links and look for John Denvers Windstar! TTFN Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd

I love my fans!!!!

This last weekend, we visited the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and thanks to the folks at the Mill we had an impromptu concert on Sunday... That was a blast! Even though some of my biggest fans couldn't make it there, I was amazed how many did, on such a short notice and me without my phone! (as I forgot it in Cheyenne on the table). Michael counted just over 100 people, dancing, singing, and having fun. And it was a spectacular recharge for me, that I will carry me to the Sioux City, IA "Riverssance" show next weekend. I ran into a lot of my listeners over the weekend which to me was like a grand present to be opened with our hugs... Thanks folks... You are the best!

I have listed my schedule for the Riverssance Renaissance Faire...

I added the Locations and times of my performances on the Dates and calendar... It looks like there will be fire works Sat Oct. 6 right after my last show!!!! I hope I see you there!

Getting ready to hit the road again!

After tomorrows performance at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center, we start packing for our next trip. First on the list is to MN, to visit friends, and go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival... Sept. 29 & 30. I am not sure if I will be performing as a guest performer that weekend yet, I am waiting to hear back from the owner of the show... After that we head to the Sioux City, Iowa... Riverssance! for the weekend of Oct. 6 & 7... This will be Mistress Bawds first year at Riverssance and can't wait, I hear it is a great show!!!

The Atlas was a blast!

I finished up at the Atlas theater last Sunday after 21 performances... The shows were a lot of fun as I have said before which made it hard to say so long... And imeadiatly caught a bad cold, with a temperature of 101! I am feeling much better now... I hope to have footage of the show downloaded soon. Then you can see me in action! Thanks to Michael Jay Burke who spent every night taking pictures and video of my performances. On another note... I am from Minnesota and yesterday I heard about the 35W bridge collapsing... I ask that everyone please keep the folks back home affected by this sad story in your prayers... Thanks for listening...

GREAT FUN at the Atlas Theater In Cheyenne, Wyoming!

WOW! What a great time I am having being one of the Olio’s for the Cheyenne Melodrama! (Helping out entertaining during intermission) Six days down and four more to go… if the rest of the performances are like last nights… I will have a hernia from laughing too hard! I really wish everyone could see it! We have been performing two shows a night mostly, and the crowds keep filling the theater, and they are wonderful! They play along, sing, cheer, and have a great time!!! I am so honored to be working with so many very talented people that make this show float like silk…. And we are having so much fun! I have had so many fantastic helpers that come from the audience, bartenders, and cast while I sing, I laugh my head off so much it is hard to keep singing! The “Card Girls” and the “Can Can Girls” help me out the most… Thanks gals!!! I won’t give it up just who in the cast tipped me off to the Sheriff of Cheyenne, and a Retired Army General & the President Elect of a very important organization here in Cheyenne were sitting in the audience! But, Boy I am happy they did! Those guys were great sports helping me out on the song “What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?” Complete with good singing voices, a dance, and a wiggle of the bum! OK, so I had to prompt them on that one…. But the crowd went WILD!!!!! THEIR CHEERS WERE DEAFENING!!! (And Michael Burke got it all on tape!) I loved it! (The sheriff was my Captain and the General my sailor…) The Sheriff did say with a smile before he left the stage “he will hunt me down” for getting him up on the stage, and the General gave me a swat on the bum with my tambourine! And after the show their wives gave me great big hugs, and thanked me… And the second show again! The men I picked out of the audience were great fun! One told a funny pirate joke as I was trying to tie on the scarf to make him look the part…(He really got into the part as well, and was great!) And the other fellow he tried to shake the tambourine in tempo but I could see he was having a bit of a time, so, mid song, I switched the characters and made him the Captain, and the fellow with the funny joke, the sailor. It was a good switch because as the Captain, he got into the part as well… And again, the crowd went crazy!!! I love this town!!!!

Fun at the Atlas Theater In Cheyenne, Wyoming!

I Just finished the first weekend of entertaining during intermission of the Melodrama... What a fun time had by all... The theater is beautiful, the cast talented and charming, the audience very receptive and fun! The people in Cheyenne, WY know how to put on a good show and have a great time!

The Web page is back up and running after a long time of being in need repair...

Welcome to the official web page of International Recording Artist... Susan Kay as Mistress Bawd... The One Woman Musical Comedy Act... Full of life and innuendos... She will have you rolling in laughter, singing along, and may even bring a tear to your eye... You never know who it will be....You may be one of the folks picked to come up on stage with her... There is never a dull moment when Mistress Bawd is in the Pub! Book her for your next engagement now!

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