Mistress Bawd "Interactive Musical Comedy"

A Touch of Renaissance

by Mistress Bawd

Released 1998
Hotsprings Records
Released 1998
Hotsprings Records
When you listen to my music, I want you to close your eyes. I will take you on an adventure to a time when there were two classes of people. Rich & poor. When the Church and the Crown ruled the land.
Mistress Bawd ". . . A female character from 16th Century England...a kind of combination of an inn-keeper and a lady of the evening...classy, sassy and independent. . ."(Susan Kay)

A vibrant singer and dazzling 12-string guitarist, has captured classic songs of love and life from the Renaissance era with her first release on Hot Springs Records, "A Touch Of Renaissance."
"When you play my CD, I want you to close your eyes while I take you on a musical adventure to where the flagons were peweter, the Church and the Crown ruled the land, the arts were exploding, and the emotions of love and romance were as volatile as the passions of war...When all of Europe was awakening to a new and glorious age.

Susan Burke, AKA Mistress Bawd, had appeared for years at renaissance festivals in Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Ireland and at other old English theme events and venues. and is an International Recording Artist. Come visit her at the Arizona Renaissance Festival where she performs annually and hear her live!
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