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Other photos taken by Michael Jay Burke

A start of sharing of pictures taken by: Michael Jay Burke, of our adventures and places of interest which have crossed our paths... It will be up-dated, on-the-fly, in the future! Hope you enjoy them as much as we did experiencing them firsthand!!! You are welcome to pass them along to your friends, as well.....

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Join Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd today, and become a member of the Windstar Foundation, PO Box 656 2317 Snowmass Creek Road Snowmass, CO 81654 Phone: 970-927-5430 1-866-927-5430

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Welcome to Joseph Baird Online
Joseph Baird has been a dear friend of mine for many years... I encourage you to go to his site and check him out! I never can get enough of his music! He's great!

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