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hi this is david wright form today um i relly liked yor music today it wes relly good today and i hoop i get to see you agin sume time
I Went to the MNRF as a child my mom had seen you before and had to stop, i still remember the spirit of that pub everybody laughing have a good time listening to you sing I will never forget it. Now I have grown to actually understand your music and I absolutly love it still i hope to see you another time!! Your Friends From Wisconsin
Bought your CD at the Larkspur Renaissance Festival, I believe in 1998. Just stopped in to say hello.
Mistress Bawd will visit Saturday http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/eve/2565611525.html
Susan, I enjoyed listening to your music teasers. Why not see about doing a song during the melodrama during CFD? Forrest
Susan, This website is truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. Gerard
Thank-you Susan for keeping john's foundation alive and I am glad I happened to check your sight out. Thank-you Edith
Hello, did you make it out of town and where are you now? Great web site. email and let me know how you are doing. Love Car
Good Evening Susan! Thank you so much for welcoming me to Wyoming with your gift of music. I look forward to singing with you often, and maybe a ren. fair or two?
We've missed you at the fairs If all the young ladies were ships that were leaving, All of their rigging be filled full of seamen.
Hey Susan, what have you been up to? Bill and I are headed to STL for the Ren Faire this weekend. Sure wish that you would be there. Take care! Miss you!
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Thanks for welcoming me to Wyoming with a song!
Some years back my friends and I came to finish our days at MNRF with your fantastic show at the Queen's Pub. It was a reason to look forward to the end of the day. You sang beautiful duets with the Vagabond sometimes too. I miss it so much I hope to see you again someday!!
Hi Susan!!! I'm Linda's daughter. The MN renfest hasn't been the same since you left. I'm glad to see you are doing well. Mom has wondered about you over the last few years. I'm glad I found you and can give you an update.
Glad to see you're still active! Dana and I miss you at the MN RenFest! :)
Hey lady
Heard you on nususa tonight -- very nice! I very much enjoyed it. P2
Reading Susan Kay's tribute to Joe, visited the Mistress' link, appreciated your sharing knowing Joe and Mark, as they touch our lives so have you. Cheers
Hi Susan, we miss you. Vonnie & M.G.
Saw you at the Riverssance festival in Sioux City, Iowa on Oct. 4th & 5th. I was there playing a monk and it was the first time for me as a character in a Renaissance festival. You were great!!!!!!!
Hi there, Madame. I hope U remember me...I am the one who couldn't get up in SF...got Giullian Barre and missed your wedding because I was paralyzed and in the hospital...whew! anyway, miss you daily...esp. when I pop in a CD...hope all is well w/ you. Kris
hey cousin how is everything going? what are you working this season, any faires in texas? I hope you do my family misses you and I miss the fun we all had at your shows.
Hey Susan, It was great to finally meet you in person last year at MRF. Will we be seeing you there again this year? Your nephew Scott was telling me all about how you work at RenFaires a few weeks ago. Guess he forgot I already knew that and had met you and your dashing gentleman! Hope to meet up with you again maybe at Ann's silk booth! Don't know what days I'll be going yet but am bringing even more people Celeste
Where is www.silkswithattitude.com in your links?!?!?! If/When I can ever get FrontPage and my computer to get back on speaking terms, a links page will be in the works and you shall be there. Gotta go play with a silk screen and pack for a show. Ciao Bella - AE
You are performing at fairs that I would like to attend, but they are not on my current campaign of lands I attend to conquer this season. ): I can't wait until my faithful sorcerer completes the creation of his cloning spell, so that I may attend all the fairs of this continent every season. In the mean time, I'll keep an eye out for future performance dates. Big Hugs, BLACKWOLF
I so miss you at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I ended up part of a pirate crew because I missed being a Bawdette so much. A working girl needs work. Luv ya and miss ya!!
Hello and how are you doing.. Me I'm great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You look great. Can't wait to see you again at the festival. Check out the festival site, there is a great picture of You, Me and Berah. www.tribewodenthor.org/festival/index.html
I absolutely love your music! Keep it up! <3
I don't know how many years ago it was the last time I saw you at the Renfest here in Arizona, but it wasn't the first and I hope not the last.I want you to know how much I have always enjoyed your shows, when I have had the privilage of being entertained by you. My sister and I still sing some of your songs together when we want to have a good time. Thanks for the memeories. Hope to see you again in this side of the world. Take Care, Faith
Your freind. Hope to see you at the woden Thor Festival in 2008. I understand that they are trying to set you up with your own INN to perform in.
hey ... we miss u in Texas and i am playing music again .... and its all because of u and you pushing me to do what im good at.... so thx ... well much love from TEXAS and the cast of four winds renn faire... hope to see you again some day in my town and looking forward to one more drunken sailor ~ramona
Good luck.
Wonderful to see you at the MN fest - the Mill"- yesterday (9/30). My boys and I enjoyed it. The shaved head kid singing "if all the young lassies were the winds at sea..." made me so proud that he remembered the verse I taught him. Well, sort of. My scurvy crew, Peter Printer, and I travel to Cheyenne frequently. In the real world we are working on a wind turbine project with a group there. see www.tmawind.com . See ya'
Looking forward to seeing you on Sept. 29 at the MRF!!! I will be there with Deb.
Hey there lady good to hear that you will be back by the end of the month for the last weekend. Looking forward to seeing you susan HUG
Really miss seeing you at MN Ren Fest!!
Susan where are you! Wyoming waht are you up to, long time no here from you. All is well just wondering how your doing! Love Kevin
Dear Moosetress, Don't you just miss my off key improvs of Row your leg over? Bright Blessing on you and your journey!
You are wonderful!!! We were so glad when we found you and your music at Minnesota quite a few years back. We miss you greatly now whenever we go to that festival. Although we did come to see you at the Woden Thor mediveal festival, that was fun because it was like we almost had you all to ourselves, you remember, it was me and my sister that couldn't come up with lyrics to "Roll your leg over". I hope that you are there again as we live on the East side of Wisconsin and don't have a chance to get over to a lot of places that you play. You should try to get into the Bristol Faire or some of them in the U. P. of Michigan. I look forward to seeing you in the future. You make us feel like we have known you for a long time because you are so personalable. Hope to see you soon. Your bawdette Lady Ruby
You had requested an application to perform at Port Washington Pirate Festival: June 6-8, 2008 attached. You may download one from the website http://www.portpiratefestival.com/Entertainment.html Thank you for your interest in this festival!
We miss you here in MN. Hearing about the Drunken Sailor sing along made me miss the Queen's Pub sing along even more...........wish you were back at Fest. Brenda and Robert Reedy Former Royal Court Pub proprietors and current King of the Log "counselors"
Hey there Madam!
Hi Darling, The web site looks great, my company filter tagged it as a naughty adult site so I had to fight with IT to get access to it. Have fun
Hi Sweetie good to see the new web site any idea of when you may be back in our area. Miss you , hope to see you soon Love always Pete & Jean AKA Sneaky Pete & Lady Janea AKA Owners of the Bordello Annex when the Mistress is in MN visiting
The new page looks great! With love from Minnesota....
Keep your tips up! I know that you always bring down the house, and you proved it in last nights performance!!! I know that you have a real shocker planned for tonight's show (Saturday the 14th), and I wish that EVERYONE could be there to see it! Hazah!!!!! Maybe, someone will record it for you and put it on your Site??? Cheyenne is in for the biggest treat that they have ever experienced! We are SO lucky that you have chosen our little town to be your Home!
Conratulations on the kewl new web site Mistress C
Hey how have u been?
I miss you! I love the new page!:) Glad you are happy and singing:) Lots of love!:)
Very nice page! Have you ever been to the large Faire here in Southern California? It runs for several weeks in April and May.
G'day, Love We miss you up here, Hope to see you sooner than later.maybe Siouxcity?
Love Mistressbawd! Sure do miss seeing you! Take care!
Love your shows, You need to come back to the MN Ren Fest and perform. Tell them I said so!
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