A Touch Of Renaissance - My 1st CD, recorded in 1997

When you listen to my music, I want you to close your eyes. I will take you on an adventure back to a time when the Church and the Crown ruled the land. And a woman did all she could to make it in those bleak times... After the black plague took so many, there was finally a time when the Arts emerged, and the want for more knowledge exploded into the age of the European Renaissance! Mistress Bawds CDs are filled with songs that you will want to sing along with over and over again... You can find Mistress Bawds music at the following links:

Give Back My Bordello - My 2nd CD, recorded in 2002, LIVE!

This is my 2nd recording... And it is live! I added the words to the linear sheet so you can sing along... We had a blast recording this CD! Now you can listen and feel like you are in the pub with us! And they made me sing the Moose!!!

Flower Fairies and other Whimsical Things

Original art, hand made by Susan Kay Burke AKA Mistress Bawd Each piece is a unique, original hand crafted design, personally sculpted by Susan Kay AKA Mistress Bawd Specify how you would like the pieces you purchase presented: A. Pin, to be worn as a broach. B. Magnet, for the fridge C. As an ornament for the Christmas tree. D. On a hair clip. Or E. Displayed as fine art in a shadow box (an extra fee will apply)

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