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Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone,

I have been on vocal rest for 4 years! And my doctor has given me the great news that I am all better! So.... I am slowly warming my voice up again. Boy, is that hard to do! I want to sing for hours at a time again! I know, take it one song at a time! Or at this time of year, one Christmas carol at a time!

I have been singing every other month for the V.A. memorials here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Humbly giving of my voice for our military families.

Also, when we visited Minnesota, I had a couple of voice lessons with Janice Kimes! Thank you Jan! And got to sing with my aunts and my mother and other family last June! I wish that had been recorded! The harmony was wonderful!

So.... Where do I go from here? I know I want to sing and play my guitar for all of you! We will see what God has in store.... Until then!

Thank you for sticking with me on facebook and listening to my CD's! And if you want to book a house concert, event, Faire and so on... Let me know!


Susan K. Burke


Mistress Bawd

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