I Grew up on a hobby ranch Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in what was then as a quaint little farming community. Horse back riding was my greatest passion... I started singing at the age of five when my Mother took on the role of Director of the children's choir at "All Saints Lutheran Church". That is also where I got my start in theater, as the children's choir would put on musicals, directed again by my Mother... My first ET competition was for the school talent show at the age of 10, and won 2nd place with my friend Madelyn Martins and my rendition of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"! My first experience in a recording studio was when I was 10 as well, our music teacher, and one of my mentors, Shari Stephen, thought our choir was good enough to record, and Madelyn Martin, her sister Marge and I, were asked to sing a descant on "Battle Hymn of the Republic". I still get a laugh remembering how they had forgotten to turn on our microphone, but you could still hear us above the choir! By the age of 13, I was starting to learn the Guitar as I loved singing, and wanted accompaniment, but couldn't find anyone who wanted to join me in playing the music I loved. So I had to do it myself... One of my listeners today, recalls my playing guitar and singing on the bus to and from school, practicing for the school talent show when I was 14, and he has been a devoted fan ever since... That was back in 1973... Now that is truly a dedicated fan! I started writing music back in 74... In addition, a few of the songs I have written I have sung in friends weddings, at parties, and around the campfire... Others, I have recorded at one time or another, on CD & Tape. My favorite is "Raggedy Blue" I hope to record it on my next album if I do not stick with all Renaissance music, again... My second Favorite is "Angel of my life." I wrote that song for my long time friend and voice coach Janice Kimes... And it is recorded on the CD, "Give Back My Bordello". Before I started performing at Renaissance Festivals, I had already taken Foil Fencing and Archery classes after falling in love with the stories of "The Chronicles of Narnia," by C. S. Lewis in 73, then fell in love with England while on my first trip there, touring the Castles, Cathedrals, and Abbeys in 79 With other MTKA class mates and teachers. Wanting to go back to England to live . . . my sister told her about the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and of how it is set in merry old England! After passing the audition, and graduating the Renaissance academy, Learning the art of “Improvisational Theater” I joined the cast of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in the fall of 1980... . In 1981, I created the Character known as "Mistress Bawd"... I created the character “Mistress Bawd”, as a way to be able to sing the "Bawdy" pub songs that audiences love... Women were not doing that at the time, we were singing madrigals mostly, and being staged by rocks, and under trees, without anything for listeners to sit on to listen, so they would just walk by... I saw how much fun the men were having singing pub songs and thought to myself, I can do that! However, in those days, the Entertainment Director said otherwise... Women just did not do that. He said! I said I do not believe it, what if I were an “Inn keeper”? Nope! He said... OK, I will be a "lady of the evening", a "Madam," with Class! With that he agreed and thought of the name "Mistress Bawd," from a Shakespeare Comedy, "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" it stuck. In 1985 while I was performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival, I recorded my first audio recording, "A Touch of Renaissance". If you still have a copy, it could be worth something today. Since I had extra tracks on the tape, which are no longer on my remixed / rerecorded CD of that same title. I took some time off from entertaining at Renaissance Festivals after the 1986 season and concentrated on Classical, Choral and Pop music. Getting the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the US Olympic Festival, singing with a woman’s choir, singing solos in Hawaii, and at concerts in MN. Performing in an Opera, as well as countless weddings, private parties, pubs, corporate events and conventions. I even tried my hand at being a "DJ", "KJ", and stage lighting tech. Community theater productions, and back up vocalist for other artists on their recorded works... I also coached others in voice and stage presents... Still do! As well as being a Recording coach, producer, director, Choreographer and Graphic designer. In 1997, I got the Renaissance itch again and joined the Minnesota Renaissance Festival a second time. In 1998, “Hot Springs Records” of Minneapolis / St. Paul discovered me, after which, things really "took-off!" I had re-recorded "A Touch of Renaissance" at Logic Recording Studio, in MN, and a copy of the tape landed in Steve Hecklers hands, by way of net working with a coworker, and even though his label was “Jazz” and “Blues” music, I guess he liked my sound! He said the recording was great! I just needed help with Mastering, packaging and distribution of a CD. I had a great time with Hot Springs Records, they were very good to me, and I am, and will always be, very grateful to everyone involved with that company. Which has developed into the "Hot Summer Jazz Festival" in the Twin Cities... Since 1999... In 2002, I recorded my second album "Give Back My Bordello," I have been traveling the country (and the World) on "Tour" gaining new listeners everywhere, from Japan to Ireland! I now make my home in Cheyenne, Wyoming with husband Michael, who is an artist as well, and dog's Abbey and Molly... Besides singing, I have been concentrating on other forms of art... Painting, sewing and embroidery, jewelry and beading, sculpting and modeling to name a few... Stay tuned for more updates to this information!

Susan Kay Burke AKA Mistress Bawd